Full Customer Service, Front to Back

At CourtMoney, you are not a client, you are a partner. We will work with you and for you to provide you with every service you will need in payment acceptance.

Partnerships come with expected duties,
CourtMoney will do the following:

  • CourtMoney will manage your entire process in the merchant service agreements.
  • Build and integrate with your systems with API’s and Web Service connections.
  • Perform any maintenance and updates required or desired along the way.
  • Process refunds, chargebacks, and disputes as needed.
  • Process your reconciliation and reporting for easy access and accounting.
  • Daily ACH or checks per your request for daily transfer of fund.

Web Development Services

CourtMoney can even build you a website with our team of web developers. Your website will be customized with your contact information, payment links, payment information, and personalized domain.

Government Services

We have the privilege of serving hundreds of government agencies all across the United States. We understand the specific needs of your agency and work with you to customize your payment options. Our services are offered at no cost to your agency, ever.

Business Services

We provide services for private businesses that work closely with the government, such as helping individuals pay their probation payments. Just like with our government agencies, the business will never pay for our services.

At-Home Services

We can set your agency up with the ability to have your clients make payments from the convenience of their home. Payments can be made online or over the phone 24/7.