In a new world where people are coming into court less often and making online payments more frequently, how are you staying engaged with your payors/defendants or making sure people can pay over time?

Some are using the old snail mail method.  This can work as long as you know where the individual is staying-- notice I said staying, not where they say they live.  Some courts are calling the individuals only to get a voice mail or in some cases, the defendant's parents.  While these methods both work sometimes, CourtMoney has developed a software that will work more efficiently.

CourtMoney's new online software helps your payors to stay engaged with the court without having to come into the courthouse.  This new software will keep track of all of the payors debt they owe, keep track of each payment made, and remind the payor that a payment is due.  When the debt is paid off, the reminders stop.

 Paying over time or being put on a payment plan has proven successful for many courts, but paying online is even more successful.  During the strange times we live in and the potential for the courthouse to be closed for an extended amount of time, paying online and being reminded to make a payment has proven useful for the courts using CourtMoney's payment plans.

Email us to find out how your court can use CourtMoney's payment plan software to help your office. 


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