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Full Customer Service, Front to Back

At CourtMoney, you are not a client, you are a partner. We will work with you and for you to provide you with every service you will need in payment acceptance.

Partnerships come with expected duties, CourtMoney will do the following:

  • CourtMoney will manage your entire process in the merchant service agreements
  • Build and integrate with your systems with API’s and Web Service connections
  • Perform any maintenance and updates required or desired along the way
  • Process refunds, chargebacks, and disputes as needed
  • Process your reconciliation and reporting for easy access and accounting
  • Daily ACH or checks per your request for daily transfer of funds

    • CourtMoney can even build you a website with our team of web developers. Your website will be customized with your contact information, payment links, payment information, and personalized domain.

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