Payment For: Clark Cnty IL Case/Ticket/Other 155802

VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express are accepted. Your credit card statement will reflect a charge to MCM*.

Payment will be sent to
Clark County IL
501 Archer/PO Box 187 (Circuit Clerk)
207 N 5th St (Sheriff's Office)
Marshall, IL 62441

Only traffic and/or conservation violations that do not require appearance in court (NO COURT APPEARANCE REQUIRED) are eligible for this payment option. Read your ticket carefully. Also, if you use this payment option, you will need to mail in the “COURT COMMUNICATION” or “BLUE” copy of your ticket with your indication of whether or not you wish to plead GUILTY. DO NOT USE THIS PAYMENT FORM IF INTERESTED IN APPLYING FOR COURT SUPERVISION. FOR COURT SUPERVISION YOU MUST CONTACT THE STATES ATTORNEYS OFFICE.

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